Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I join?
We currently offer 2 membership option
1. The first option is simply to sign up for our weekly tips. These tips will not be tailored to you; however they are a great option for anyone interested in reading some quick & easy health-related tips and who may be interested in learning more about TruBalance before fully committing to the program
2. The second option is to join the TruBalance Plan. The plan lasts for 12 weeks and will help you to establish a health-related goal and then to make small changes to your lifestyle and habits in order to help you reach the goal.  

2. What will I be able to eat?
Nothing is completely off limits; however we do recommend that you cut back on processed carbohydrate and sugar where possible. We also recommend that you try as often as you can to prepare food from scratch rather than eating pre-prepared food or in restaurants. This will make it easier for you to keep track of what you are eating. Find out more on our "smart choices" page.

3. Do I need to exercise?
We hope that with our help you will find a type of exercise that you enjoy so that exercise is not a burden. Don't forget that even a short walk can count as exercise, so you don't have to sign-up to a gym or complete a marathon in order to succeed. 

4. How long will it take before I start to notice a change?
It really depends on what you are trying to achieve, but most people start to notice positive results as early as 4-6 weeks after joining. Our program is not a quick-fix, but its designed to be both achievable and sustainable. We suggest that you plan to work with us for at least 12 weeks; however we can work with you for as long as you need. 

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